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Goodbye to CTO, Stefan Schindler

In spring of 2014, Stefan joined the Genesis Mining team with one goal in mind: building with us the world’s leading cryptocurrency hashpower provider. Today, after more than 4 years of dedication, passion and success, we honour his resignation and thank him for everything he helped us to achieve.


A look back by Stefan Schindler:

“The very first time I heard about Bitcoin in summer 2013 I was working as a medical doctor in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. A particular blog post about the efforts of cryptocurrency mining caught my eye. I was hooked immediately.
Over the following months, I absorbed myself in the still small, yet thriving, cryptocurrency community. After delving into the conceptual theories, I knew that cryptocurrencies would spur a social and technological revolution. I wanted in. Experienced in adjusting a small mining setup, I sought to build a large scale mining operation with strategic partners.
At a local Bitcoin meet-up I met Marco Streng and Dr. Marco Krohn. At the time, Genesis Mining had just initiated their first GPU based mining operation. My path forward became clear. I joined Genesis Mining and immediately started building mining farms. Operational complexities increased with each additional data center. Monitoring and maintenance spawned a myriad of logistical challenges.
Despite the insane velocity that drives the cryptocurrency market, the standard for Genesis Mining was to take the time required to build adaptable software code to guarantee successful scaling in any conceivable condition. This approach laid the foundation for software solutions like genesis-hive, sgminer-gm and others. Forethought continues to define the Genesis Mining operational ethos. It is why we are the best performing, most stable and most efficient hashpower provider on the globe.
I am grateful to have spent the last four years with pioneers of the blockchain infrastructure. The depth of individual interdisciplinary talent that has united to build the future of digital currencies never ceases to amaze me. It was a gift to unite with people who shared my passion.
Thank you to Marco Streng, the team at Genesis Mining and its global community for the friendship. Our shared experiences and the lessons we learned inspire my next steps.”
Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining:

“Stefan has been a most valuable part of our venture, continuously pushing the boundaries of the technology and setting new standards for the status-quo of cryptocurrency mining. He has been greatly responsible for our success and I can speak for the whole team when I say that we’re proud, but also sorry to see him go. Thank you for all you’ve done and all the best for your future endeavours!”

We’re sure the industry will stay as important to you as to us and your positive reinforcement encourages us to keep up the fight! To the moon, Stefan!
– Your Genesis Mining Team

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