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EOSGen: How to vote for our EOS Block Producer Candidacy

Last month we’ve announced our official candidacy for becoming an EOS Block Producer. We believe that the EOS ecosystem can greatly benefit from our expertise of datacenter management within the EOS ecosphere.

In order to serve EOS, we will need your help by voting for us as a block producer! With your votes, we can provide a reliable and save node for the EOS mainnet. In this post you will find two possible ways of voting for us as a block producer.
Please note that there we do not offer anything as compensation for your vote as per the EOS constitution, except the promise that we will do the utmost to deliver the promises we have made in our application. We believe it is extremely important that vote buying is prohibited to ensure the democratic coin-voting process is honoured to the fullest extend.

Recap of our Candidacy

We believe that blockchain technology will improve the world. We want to become a core driver of this technology, enabling everyone to participate. Becoming a EOS block producer is a step for us in this direction. Our vision is to contribute to the increasing individual sovereignty of EOS, all the while decreasing social inequality by fostering the social potential of EOS. We can only achieve this by running the nodes required for the ecosystem to function.

Our datacenters for this purpose are located in Sweden and Iceland. They are secure, extremely well connected and we have the resources and know-how to scale them up if the need arises. We promise to always provide the best hardware for this task.

You can read our full application here.

Current State of EOS Launch

On the 10th of June, 2018, the mainnet of EOS was successfully launched. This puts us in the voting phase, which is currently open. Up until now (12–06–2018), roughly 5% of the votes are in. The threshold for the block producers to take over the mainnet is at 15%.

You can see an overview of the voting process here.

Your Options

Our main priority is to make sure that your EOS tokens are safe. Therefore we have prepared a guide on how you can safely vote for us, without jeopardizing your tokens. Block.One has taken a hand-off approach to anything regarding the launch, therefore it is especially important to choose a voting option very carefully.

We officially endorse the following two options:

The CLEOS command line tool
The safest option is the CLEOS command line tool. However, this option is the most difficult, since it is directed at technologically inclined people. This tutorial is a good starting point. The required information to vote for us via this option can be found here.

Using Scatter/
Scatter is a third-party tool developed by the community. It has been endorsed by multiple other block producer candidates (such as EOSNewYork), but there is never a 100% certainty that your keys stay safe with a 3rd party tool. To the best of our knowledge, it is a good option, though.

Disclaimer: You will have to put in your private EOS key, so there is always a risk of losing tokens involved! We implore you to do your own research to be sure that you are comfortable with using Scatter and and trust in their security.

With that being said, the tutorial on Scatter can be found here. How to use Scatter in conjunction with is also described on the page.

We want to thank you for your participation and trust in us as a Block Producer!

– Your Genesis Mining Team

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